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Most of the trails on the Pilchuck Tree Farm lands have been built, maintained and used by horseback riders for many years. In August of 1999, because of the influx of users and the popularity of these trails, the Pilchuck Tree Farm management requested that we (mostly horse clubs) form the Pilchuck Recreation Association. This way we could all continue the privilege of using the Pilchuck Tree Farm land for our recreation. The lands of the Pacific Denkmann Co./Pilchuck Tree Farm are not public lands. They are Privately owned!

The Pilchuck Tree Farm and the Pilchuck Recreation Association have established rules for all Tree Farm users to abide by, it is in everyone's best interest to honor the wishes of the Pilchuck Tree Farm and to communicate with each other, work together, show appreciation and respect by following the rules.


Every one using the Pilchuck Tree Farm Must have a current Liability Release on file. If you have not filled one in please do so before you enter the Tree Farm by filling in a release here Liability Release or filling one in provided to you at the Tree Farm entrances. You may mail them to:

Pilchuck Recreational Association: P.O. BOX 2962, Arlington, WA 98223


Rules and Resposibilities of the PRA and individual Pilchuck Tree Farm users:

- ABSOLUTELY NO HUNTING unless a valid hunting permit is on file with PTF




- Do not interfere with logging operations

- Protect the environment (do not venture off the designated trail, which adds to erosion)

- Use and pay for the San-i-cans

- Maintain the trails

- Clean up manure and horsehair from the parking lots

- Read and Obey all Pilchuck Tree Farm signage and trail closures

- Apply and get approval from the Pilchuck Tree Farm/P.R.A. to hold events and planned rides

- Keep a lead on ponied horses at all times

- Keep dogs under control around other users

- Slow to a walk when meeting horses

- Bikers yield to horses and must announce their presence when approaching horses from behind

 - Bikers use extreme caution to exit trails slowly to avoid a collision with other bikers or to cause spooking of a horse and rider


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