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The Pilchuck Tree Farm (PTF) Management has asked the Pilchuck Recreation Association (PRA) to share the following information to recreational users.




- E-Bikes and Pilchuck treefarm -

Pilchuck tree farm management has decided to ban all classes of e-bikes on all trails and all roads. This means no exceptions.



FYI: Do not contact the PRA about hunting or firewood inquiries.

Per Tree Farm Management:

Hunting: Pilchuck Tree Farm does allow select hunting in some area BY PERMIT ONLY. There are NO permits available to the public at this time.

Firewood: Firewood permits are NOT available to the public at this time.




Every one using the Pilchuck Tree Farm Must have a current Liability Release on file. If you have not filled one in for 2022 please do so before you enter the Tree Farm by following the link on the 'About us' page or filling one in provided to you at the Tree Farm entrances. You may mail them to:

Pilchuck Recreational Association: P.O. BOX 2962, Arlington, WA 98223


The Pilchuck Recreation Association (The PRA) is an organization incorporated by recreational users of the private property of the Pacific Denkmann Co./Pilchuck Tree Farm. The purpose of the PRA is to address the concerns of the Pacific Denkmann Co./Pilchuck Tree Farm with regards to recreational use, trail construction and maintenance and environmental impact to preserve recreational privileges on these lands.


If you find the parking lot at Bracken gate full, here is a suggestion:

To Morgan Parking Lot from the Bracken Parking Lot:

At Grandview and Bracken, turn right (East). Follow Grandview for ~ 2 1/2 miles. Turn left (North) onto West Scouten Loop Road. Follow W Scouten Loop Road for ~ 1 1/4 miles, the road will curve to the right and cross a single lane bridge. Cross the Bridge, continue for ~3/8 mile. At the top of the hill, turn left to the Morgan Gate.

You must be a member of the Morgan Horse Club of WA to park here, any one can become a member for a yearly fee of $35, no Morgan needed for a membership!

Please check the MHCWS Website for membership forms: Morgan Horse Club of Washington State





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