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Pilchuck Treefarm Representative: (Tracy Goddard): (425) 422-9479

Pilchuck Recreational Association: P.O. BOX 2962, Arlington, WA 98223

General email: pilchuckraorg@pilchuckra.org

To send Hold Harmless Agreements: prahha@pilchuckra.org

Our Paypal Email: treasurer@pilchuckra.org

Pilchuck Treefarm Office: (360) 629-6800


FYI: Do not contact the PRA about hunting or firewood inquiries;

 Please call the Pilchuck Treefarm Office for more information. They can be reached at 360.629.6800

Per Tree Farm Management:

Hunting: Pilchuck Treefarm does allow select hunting in some area BY PERMIT ONLY. The availability of permits is very limited and not advertised to the public. Priority is given to repeat hunters.

Firewood: Firewood permits are limited and not available to the public at this time.



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